Sunday, September 25, 2011

Links to the Smithsonian Artist Interviews

Links to the Smithsonian Artist Interviews
Archives of American Art's Nanette L. Laitman Documentation Project for Craft and Decorative Arts in America

Link to Smithsonian’s Complete Oral History Interviews

I have posted below the links to completed transcripts and also a photo of each artisan's work.  In a separate posting I will list other potters/ceramic artists who have been interviewed but not yet transcribed.  Those will be added in the future when the Smithsonian makes them available.

 Potters/Ceramic Artists

Robert Arenson

Rudy Autio

Ralph Bacerra

Cynthia Bringle

Fong Chow

Val Cushing  

 William Daley

Eddie Dominguez

Michael and Magdalena Suarez Frimkess

Otto and Vivika Heino

Jun Kaneko

Karen Karnes

Marilyn Levine

Warren MacKenzie

John Mason

Nan McKinnell

Jim Melchert

Ron Nagle

Susan Peterson

Frances Senska

Dave Shaner

Peter Shire

Paul Soldner

Robert Sperry

Robert Turner


Patti Warashina

Kurt Weiser

Beatrice Wood Interview age 83

Beatrice Wood Interview age 99

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