Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Social and Learning Gathering for Western Pennsylvania Potters

Several potters (including Dan Vito, Christy Culp, Rick Duncan, Jenna Vanden Brink, Donn Hedman) and I have started talking about organizing periodic meetings for the purpose of providing a way for ceramic artists to meet, socialize, share some food, and share knowledge. 

We welcome all levels, professionals, students and semi-professionals alike, and are sending invitations to over 184 people, for whom I have email addresses (214 in all).

To kick things off, I am going to host the first one on Sunday July 26th from 1-4 at the TechShop in Bakery Square in East Liberty. This site has room for 200 people and we hope to get a good turn-out for this event. TechShop’s site http://techshop.ws/pittsburgh.html has a map, and there is free parking in the lot or adjoining garage (3 hours free). 

 At the Tech Shop, we will invite input from the group on future dates, times, venue and "themes".  The plan would be to rotate the meeting location.

For the first one, I am going to do a presentation on "Art and Technology" to illustrate some of the ways that I use “technology” to do my work. This will include color laser decal printing, cutting large porcelain tile into complex shapes with the WaterJet cutter, cutting ceramic decals with the laser, and making extruder dies.  None of this may interest you at this point for your own work but you can learn some of what is possible.

Future meetings may have demonstrations of techniques, how people work, or discussions on various marketing strategies.  If you can't make the first one, you can make suggestions to me via email or phone.

The food provided will be potluck, so please bring something appropriate (salads of different types, chips or other snack food, soft drinks, deserts, or something that shows your creativity).  Dan will provide the paper plates, utensils, napkins, and cups.  I will arrange for a keg of tasty cold beer. 

If you plan on attending, please reply “yes” so we know how many to expect.  Also please send me any suggestions or questions that you may have.

Hope to see you there.

Terry Rorison

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