Monday, July 12, 2010

Glaze batches.

Yesterday's glaze batches for testing: Cone 6 Oxidation.


  1. Hey Terry,

    How about posting some recipes you guys use?

    John Britt

  2. John, have not fired any of the above batches. I will surely share the recipes when the results are available. I have an Oribe that I fashioned to match a Cone 10 that I used but I used Standard Ceramics Glaze # 1125 at Cone 6 combined with a floating blue because I needed more of that combination at Cone 6 Oxidation rather than Cone 10 reduction. (if that makes sense??) Anyway the Oribe Cone 6 for a 20 lb batch was the following:

    Standard's glaze 1125 - 20 Lb.
    Black Copper Oxide 5.2%,
    Rutile 2%
    Water - 25%.

    Floating Blue:

    Gillespie Borate 0.26
    Neph Sye 0.48
    EPK 0.06
    Flint 0.2
    Cobalt Carbonate 0.02
    Rutile 0.04
    Red Iron Oxide 0.02
    Water - 25%

    I'll post a couple of pics of the results.