Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kiln for sale

Currently at Standard Ceramic.  Contact Standard to set up an appointment to see.
Kiln Type: Downdraft
Maximum Operating Temperature: 2350 degrees F.

Loading Capacity:  21 Cubic Feet
    Interior Volume:  35 Cubic Feet
Delivered Dimensions:  97" High x 95 Long x 60" Wide
Assembled Dimensions:  132" High x 95" Long, 60" Wide
Weight:  2,800 lbs.
Lining: 6" thick x 18 lb. density, 2600 degree F. "Vacuduct" ceramic fiber lining. (Danser, Inc. "Vacuduct" is a patented/trademarked process that incorporates vacuum formed ceramic fiber inside of a steel outer shell.)
Downdraft design incorporates "Vacuduct" formed, fiber lined exhaust stack with integral positive shut off damper.

Stationary base with a vertical lifting bell that is operated by a 110 volt motorized winch.  Once the bell is in the full upright position, a safety latch engages to insure operator safety during loading and unloading .
Natural gas or propane Venturi fired burner system with redundant Robertshaw Flame Safety at each burner. Four-Burner System rated at 200,000 BTU total input.
One upper and one lower eyesight port for cone verification. Auxiliary access ports for optional oxygen analyzer, and upper and lower thermocouples.
Welded industrial structural steel assembly. This kiln and100% of it’s components are manufactured in the USA.

Price: $15,000.00, w/Mesh Heat Shield:  $16,500.00.  FOB Parkersburg, West Virginia. 

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