Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bowl with a scalloped rim.

One of our new members posted this on their Youtube site which is a video by potter Mark Peters of  Pine Root Pottery ( ).  The link to the video: 
Mark is a NC potter in Bakersville, NC.
  Small fruit bowl with scalloped rim.


    This is Mark's youtube channel. He has posted a lot of nice demos -- he does workshops around the US -- with nice musical accompaniment I might add. As well as being a fine potter, he just completed a wood pallet burning kiln worth checking out. It's here:

  2. Thanks for your input, Christy. I take it you my be a NC friend?

  3. I'm a Pittsburgher! and a pottery fan.

  4. Well, great! Gather you know Malia. You have to have your hands in the clay to be interested in Mark's videos?