Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Orton Programmable Kiln Controller through Vulcan Kilns

Many of us have kilns that currently do not possess a programmable controller.  The kilns are perfectly good but lacking in this feature.  I have two 10 cu ft Cone 10 Crusaders and a 7 cu ft cone 10 Crusader all without programmable controllers.  Vulcan Kilns in Ohio can provide you with a controller at a reasonable cost that does not involve major rewiring of your kiln.

Vulcan kilns is offering  Orton's latest model Autofire3000 kiln controller wall box at an approximate $200 savings off list.  Assembled by Vulcan Kilns and sold directly without retailer markup you will not find a better price anywhere.  This standalone “plug and play” controller is a great addition to any electric kiln.  This single zone controller allows the user to program and save 9 separate firing schedules with 10 or more user defined heating and cooling rates, target temperatures and hold times.  Whether the application is ceramic or pottery firings, glass fusing, enameling, or heat treating the Autofire3000 will provide consistent quality firings.

    The wall mount enclosure is designed to mount near the kiln.  It comes with a variety of power cords and receptacles.  The components, plug and receptacle are assembled to your kiln’s requirements so it can usually be used on a single kiln only and not moved from one kiln to another.

 Listed price is for up to a 30 Amp kiln.
Up to 30 amps the controller is priced at $449.

*  30+ amps up to 60 Amps is an additional $30.00
*  Up to 100 Amps direct wire is an additional $100 from the listed price.

 You choose the receptacle to fit your kiln from the graphic in the ad on the eBay site(see link below).    Additional plugs such as twist lock are available but will be an additional $30.00  

This controller offers the user the choice of user programs (you enter custom programs) or conefire method option.    Maximum program time is 99 hours, however additional firing time can be added "on the fly" for those needing this application.

Features include: set point control, skip segment, delay start, threshold alarm, temp units(Celsius, Fahrenheit), kiln test, add time, power failure recovery, indicating power LEDs, cone or thermocouple offsets, edit active firing schedules, and adjustable preheat and hold times.

    The Autofire3000 comes complete and fully assembled with 6 feet of power cord,  type K thermocouple with 8ft of wire from to controller to the thermocouple, operation manual and 2 year manufacturer controller warranty.

 Shipping costs are calculated, please use the shipping calculator.  Ships via UPS ground to the USA.  Typical costs are $20-$25These are in-stock partially assembled and are finished to your specifications this takes 3 days to 1 week.  Transit time for UPS ground is 1-6 days in the USA depending on location.  Additional handling time may apply for special orders.   

I have talked to Jeff, and he seems very knowledgeable and helpful.  I am saving my pennies for one or two of these.  Buying through Vulcan will save you approximately $200 or more vs other places.  Additional information on the controller from Orton's site: 

You can contact them direct at Vulcan Kilns, 7623 Clyo Road, Centerville, OH 45459  Attn:  Jeffrey Williams, President.  Phone:  937 433-1833 or email:


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