Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wood firing at Clarion Univ. starting August 20.

Another Up Date.  
I am driving up Friday morning from Pgh. returning in the evening.  Purpose is to document the kiln, loading ect.  Not putting work in the kiln.  So if anyone wants a ride, let me know.  You can take work along as long as you clear it with Greeny.  Leaving Pgh. around 7:30-8:00 AM.  Terry 

Up Date! 

Summer firing is on!
Fri Aug. 20 - Sun Aug. 22.
Have a dozen + participants.
Loading begins 10:00am Fri.
Call or  txt me with your e.t.a. to confirm.
(greeny)  814 715-4552

There will be a wood firing of the kiln at Clarion with loading starting on Friday, August 20 and finishing that evening.  Greeny informs me that there is space available and potters who will like to participate should call him at 814 715-4552.  You should call ahead to time to determine that there is space available and to work out the details with Greeny.  The kiln is located at the back end of the parking lot for Clarion U's stadium off of Route 322.  Greeny's email is .

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