Thursday, August 26, 2010

Future Potters Made Here

Deer Lakes School District unveils the new Ceramics Studio. With so much talk about Arts Programs being cut, eliminated or ignored, it is refreshing to know there are communities that value the arts. The new facility consists of a handbuilding classroom with a Brent Slabroller, a dedicated wheel room with 16 Brent wheels, and a kiln room with two Amaco kilns.

An open house for the public will be hosted in September, as well, the annual Empty Bowls Soup Sale in May.
The Art Department welcomes visiting artists of all media. Have you ever given thought to how your art might impact a young artist? Contact Christy -


  1. Christy, A great looking studio! Would like to see some pics of student work when they get cranking up this Fall. What temperature range you are firing? Do they keep it this clean every day?

  2. HAH!!! That is a virgin studio. Even I won't keep it that clean. The only potters I know who keep a studio that clean are Rita Nichols and Fred Wilbur of Windblown Studio. You could eat off their floor!!
    We are firing to 04 this year. Once we test the power source, we'll go to 6. We have an inconsistant power source, if it won't go to 6, I'll have to order a power booster. Our shop classes have them on the printing presses and other machinery.
    Of course I'll post their progress! I get paid to brag about them!

  3. Actually, you probably won't have time to do anything else except be replacing bulbs in all of those spot lights! Is that a studio or a gallery?

  4. I'm not sure what prompted that decision. I could have spent that money on more bats. Stay tuned for a hanging disco ball for disco Fridays.

  5. Better recruit the center on the basketball team to become a potter. He can change bulbs without a ladder instead of sweeping the floor. Don't want you falling from a ladder!

  6. Wow! Fantastic! Just fantastic! Nice to see such a great place being built in these hard times when most people think about art LAST, if they think about it at all.
    Enjoy the cleanliness while it lasts!

    -Fred Durst