Thursday, August 19, 2010

Water Filter Project

As mentioned in the Braddock Carnegie Arts Program post, Jeff Schwarz has been working with the Water Filter Project.  The Project primary mission is to assist people in being able to convert ground water to safe drinking water.

5,000 children die each day from water borne diseases.
Eventually water will be more valuable than oil.

Old Tech/Low Tech

In 1998 Ron Rivera developed the ceramic water filter.
The ceramic water filter has been proven 99.9% effective in removing water borne bacteria.
More information about Ron:

More filter information:


The Filter
The ceramic filter is a combination of clay and sawdust
The filter is fired to a low temperature to maintain porosity
The fired filter is treated with colloidal silver

Screening the sawdust

Pushing sawdust through the seive

Making the clay/sawdust mix
At the Braddock studios they use a Soldner Professional mixer to do the mixing work.
Weighing the mix

 Preparing the mix for the press
The press
Pressing a filter
Raising the press arm
Freshly pressed
After firing to about 1800 degrees, the inside of the filter is coated with a silver compound.  The combination of the small pore size and the silver serve to kill the bacteria present in most ground water and renders the water in the receptacle safe for drinking.  
The ceramic filter is sized to fit into a 5 gallon bucket with a spigot.  The actual ceramic filter is reddish brown. Every filter and receptacle is ready to filter water. Each filter has a flow rate of 2.5 L -3.5 L per hour.  Every filter/receptacle includes directions in the language of the user. 

 Jeff and his team are working on a method to incorporate the silver into the mix to see if it improves the process.  It has worked well in thousands of cases, but they are engaged in research to try to constantly improve.

It is impractical to ship the filters to the countries where it is needed from the United States, so Jeff's team's role is primarily research.  Production facilities have been set up in locations close to the need and so small factories around the world are utilized and provide income for each local business.  

Each year many lives are saved and improved because of this low tech solution and the people dedicated to making it happen.  For more information, contact Jeff Schwarz at jeff@jeffschwarz.comSlide 29


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