Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sale and Retirement Party for Elvira Peake

Sale and Retirement Party for Elvira Peake

 Elvira Peake

When:  December 11, 2010 Sale from 11-6  Party from 6-8.
Where:  The Clay Place and Ceramic Supply Pittsburgh, One Walnut Street, Carnegie, PA 15106
Sale:  50% off  11-6 PM
Celebrate:  6 to 8 PM

Elvira started The Clay Place with her husband Steve 37 years ago. In December 2010 she will be retiring from the business. The Clay Place will continue as a gallery and exhibition space under Standard Ceramic Supply Company’s ownership with Elvira as Director Emeritus.

Please join Elvira’s friends in celebrating the role that she and The Clay Place have played in the ceramics community and Pittsburgh area art scene.   Eat, drink and enjoy the music of Phil Salvato.  Proceeds from the sale will go to Elvira’s retirement fund.

Artists: If you have work on consignment at The Clay Place, you may arrange to either pick it up or contribute it to the sale as a gift to Elvira. Please contact Carla Flati or (412) 489-5240 before December 10th.


  1. One of my first memories of Elvira and Steve Peake is of the Clay Place on the second and third floors of a house on Walnut Street in the Shadyside section of Pittsburgh. They shoe-horned an incredible amount of work and pottery supplies in a fairly small space. However, in the front room of the second floor was a loom set up by a weaver named Henry Hallett. Henry was a wonderful and talented weaver but needed a space to work and live. The Peakes made the space available for Henry and he slept under the loom. It struck me what a generous and wonderful couple these two people were to open their hearts up to help another when giving up precious space was difficult. I am sure that there are many in the arts community who have been touched by them. I encourage all who can to come on the 11th for the celebration. I also encourage all to post a comment here to honor Elvira.

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